Want determine the fate of thousands?

Well, thousands of fictional characters, anyway.

Join fellow fantasy aficionados and become a member of the Stryke Force advance readers group!

Should you decide to put your name on the scroll—err, text box—you'll get access to:
  • A fully illustrated fantasy bestiary the moment it's finished. You'll receive monthly updates and exclusive access to draft sketches, drawn by the incredibly talented Michelle Li. (The drawing in the banner? Yeah. She did that.)
  • In-progress drafts of novels, which you can read and enjoy and tear to shreds as part of my exclusive advance reader team.
  • A monthly newsletter featuring short stories for you to enjoy before they're published for the whole of the Internet to see.
  • Raffles to say thanks for sticking around, including various RPG games (PC & tabletop), gift cards (Amazon & Steam), and other bits and bobs as folks suggest them.
Thanks for joining the Stryke Force. I can't wait to start this adventure with you!
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